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Diamond Simon
Diamond Simon, Texas Bluesman and leader of Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts, hard working Blues musicians from Austin Texas, shown sporting a cherry red Gibson ES335 guitar.
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Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts - Home of Austin Texas Blues and R&B Music
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Morgan Whitthoft - Sax player with Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts
Morgan Whitthoft
Featured musician Morgan Whitthoft seen here jamming with Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts at Shennanigans in Austin, in December 2006.
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Fri. Oct 12, 9:30pm Texas Bar & Grill
Sat. Nov. 3rd, 9:30pm Stardust Club
Sat. Nov 10th, 9:30pm Boomerz
Fri. Nov 23th, 9:30pm The Office Lounge
Sat. Nov. 24th, 9:30pm Mulligans
Sat. Dec. 1st, 9:30pm Water Tank
Fri. Dec. 21st, 9:30pm Mulligans
Sat. Dec. 22nd, 8:00pm Deliwerks
Sat. Jan. 5th, 9:30pm Stardust Club
Sat. Jan 11th, 9:30pm Boomerz
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Photography by Deborah Peacock
Diamond Simon and the Roughcuts blues band from Austin Texas are here to stay. The band is hot now that the lineup changes complete and new members have settled in. Many planned web site enhancements have also been completed, including the addition of recent recordings. Look for more changes coming soon!
Checkout us out on MySpace site at myspace.com/diamondsimonandtheroughcuts featuring new cuts and photos, and add us to your friends list.  
Bassist Tom Hubert joins the Roughcuts July '07.
Bassist John Christian leaves the Roughcuts after the arrival of 2nd daughter July '07.
Drummer Steve Royal joins the Roughcuts August '07.
Guitar/Keyboards/Bassist/Vocalist Dawn Maracle  joins the Roughcuts January '07.
Trumpeter Robert Ortiz joins the Roughcuts December '05.

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